Jack’s menu

Standard – 1/3 LB beef patty, LTO + jack sauce

BBQ Crunch – Standard w/ bacon, cheese, potato chips + orange soda BBQ sauce

‘Shroom – Standard w/ Boursin + garlic sautéed mushrooms

On The Cobb – Standard w/ bleu cheese, bacon + fresh tomato relish

Inferno – Standard w/ jalapeños, cheese + banana pepper marmalade

All Shook Up – Beef, bacon + peanut butter

Hangover – beef patty, mustard, ketchup + pickle between 2 grill’d cheese

Quebecer – Standard w/ fries, cheese curds, gravy + buttermilk ranch

Brontosaurus – housemade chick pea patty, LTO, jack sauce + Bleu cheese

Big Jack – a Quebecer on top of a grilled cheese on top of a Standard

Substitute a chicken breast on any Burger

‘Hangover style’ your buns

grill’d cheese

Add an extra patty

Add bacon

Lettuce ‘wrap’ your burger
Gluten Free bun
Please advise upon ordering if you are a celiac


French Fries – hand cut served with malt aioli

Poutine – hand cut fries, curds + gravy

Jack’d Up Fries – Hand cut fries, jack sauce, cheese slice + onion

Wedgie Salad – Iceberg wedge, bacon, tomato, + onion with choice of buttermilk ranch or bleu cheese

Caesar Wedge – Iceberg Wedge, housemade caesar dressing, bacon

Grill’d cheese – mini grill’d cheese, fries + a fountain soda, juice or milk

Lil Jack – Mini plain burg, fries + a fountain soda, milk or juice

SHAKES – 16oz

Black + White – Vanilla + Chocolate Milk
Malteaser – Vanilla Malt
Creamsicle – Orange + Vanilla
Cap’n Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Darth Vader – Vanilla + Pepsi
Italian Stallion – Vanilla + Coffee w/ amaretti cookie crumbles

Fountain Soda
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Orange crush, Mug Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea

Make any soda a float