Mobile Shack

It’s like eating at our restaurant, but on our truck.


Truck Menu

Brontosaurus – housemade chick pea patty, LTO, jack sauce + Bleu cheese

Standard: 1/3 lb beef patty, LTO+Jack sauce (add cheese for $1, add bacon for $1.50)

BBQ crunch: Standard w/bacon, cheese, potato chips + orange soda BBQ sauce

Shroom: Standard w/Boursin + garlic sautéed mushrooms

All shook up: beef w/bacon + peanut butter

Fries w/ malt aioli

Gluten free buns

Canned pop/bottled water

The Truck currently only accepts cash or Credit (excluding AMEX)

If you’d like to have us at your next event, we’d love to be there.   Send your requests to